Monday, 18 June 2012

Without You!

I wish I could rewind those moments
Which seemed to lasts, at least for few minutes

Hearing the beat of your heart
Like a rhythm in which I am lost

Savoring every touch
Feeling an eternity much

Like a baby in your arm
Cuddling in your warmth

You mean the world to me
Without you I am failing to see.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

A wonderful poem from my friend. Thank You!

I am sure she has a wonderful future in her fate,
And I know, its impossible for her to hate

if it comes to looks she aint less than Kate
more importantly her personality is just great

simplicity is her taste
but you cant keep her away from a dessert plate
dont ask me about her weight ;-)
It might shoot her heart rate ;-)
dances as if she is on skates
sings like a saint in nirvana state

she can only talk straight
her heart is just a clean slate
when it comes to life's trait
she would never negotiate

dont make her wait
when you have promised her a date
she would show you the gate
if you turn up late ;-)

At times she is a bit delicate
the moods can fluctuate
but it would not be a mistake
if I say the strength of her heart is impossible to equate

I just wish for her Happiness and healthy state
will always pray for her lovely smile and light wieght ;-)
ah did I tell you, all this while I was talking about Raichel the Great :-)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

You are my destiny!

People say, forget it
It’s not in your destiny
How can I forget?
When you are my destiny

Why am I still having the hope?
Can’t believe I am hanging to the edge of a rope
I can wait forever
But can you promise that, you will be with me ever?

I miss you every single breath
Don’t know if you can feel its depth!

Friday, 8 June 2012

Still Alive with No Life

It took 2 months to realize that we like each other
And 2 minutes to say it will not work out ever

What am I supposed to say?
Do I really have a say

What difference does it makes?
If it was only me who needs it anyways

I thought Love is all about sacrificing
Didn’t know that I would be asked to sacrifice you

How on earth can I tear you from me?
When you are already a part of me.

I still can’t believe everything happened and ended
I am walking like a stupor, still alive but with no life.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

With All My Love

With your turn-on’s
You didn’t turn me
Because I turned on you
And you never knew

We were on the same road
And we never had a chance
Like the one we have now
Unlike the one long ago

Why did we meet now?
If we didn’t have a chance that time.
Is this bound to happen?
If so why do we fail to see it often?

Is this called Love?
So why do we pretend?
If it is, then yes, it is.
What is stopping us?

I am still waiting…
And it’s so true that time heals everything
I want to restore you
With all my love, My love!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Shattered Glass

Indeed beautiful were those moments
Until you said those words

It doesn’t require the same interest
All it does is to have the interest

It’s like a glass broken into pieces
When it looked so perfect from different faces

It’s easy for you to say No
And difficult for me to forget, so

I better make my mind now
Else I will never be able to make a vow

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I think of you

Whenever I concentrate on something
I think of you

Whenever I blink my eyes
I think of you

Whenever I smile
I think of you

It’s strange to know that I am not me anymore
And surprisingly you became my core.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


How i wish to just look into ur eyes
Although knowing it wont be nice :P

you make my heart beat fast
like a million drums hitting to last

I am falling in ur smile
like a train which is away a mile

why is this so precious
which makes everything Sumptuous

Make me alive once more
I can’t think of anything sore


My heart beats like never before
like a bee which makes a flower allure

why everything seems anew
as if its a cue

why does the pain feels nice
when its never gonna excise

Isnt it beautiful just to live?
feeling an eternity to believe

Yea, it is irresistable
And you better make me stable :)