Sunday, 10 June 2012

A wonderful poem from my friend. Thank You!

I am sure she has a wonderful future in her fate,
And I know, its impossible for her to hate

if it comes to looks she aint less than Kate
more importantly her personality is just great

simplicity is her taste
but you cant keep her away from a dessert plate
dont ask me about her weight ;-)
It might shoot her heart rate ;-)
dances as if she is on skates
sings like a saint in nirvana state

she can only talk straight
her heart is just a clean slate
when it comes to life's trait
she would never negotiate

dont make her wait
when you have promised her a date
she would show you the gate
if you turn up late ;-)

At times she is a bit delicate
the moods can fluctuate
but it would not be a mistake
if I say the strength of her heart is impossible to equate

I just wish for her Happiness and healthy state
will always pray for her lovely smile and light wieght ;-)
ah did I tell you, all this while I was talking about Raichel the Great :-)

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